Hexa Coasters / Identifiers

Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-00

Glasses at parties get mixed up all the time. Hexa coasters come in 12 different colors. Everyone can pick their favourite color and attach Hexa to their glass. Whether it is a wine/champagne glass with a stem base or a stemless glass like a beer/soda glass, Hexa will identify your glass and there will be no mix ups at parties. With 12 vibrant colors and the hexagon shape of Hexa, you can make a colorful honeycomb drink serving section on your table.

There are three laser cut holders to attach Hexa to the base of your stemware. It fits on a variety of base sizes. After that Hexa stays with the glass and goes wherever you go. Color tones on the real product may be a little different from the images on the website.

While identifying everyone’s glass, Hexa also protects your furniture from scratches and stains. It picks up sweat drops from chilled beverages and minor spills. You can wash Hexa with cold water and soap, leave it flat to dry and no stains will remain.

Box Dimensions: 12.6 x 10.5 x 4cm / 4.9” x 4.1” x 1.5”
Box Weight: 68 gr / 0.14 lb
Material: Synthetic Felt
– Always wash with cold or warm water.
– Do not use detergants with active chemicals and whiteners.
– Rinse with lots of water not to leave any detergant.
– Lay flat to dry.
– Do not leave under direct sunlight.

You can buy Hexa at 17-18$ here

Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-01 Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-2-3 Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-06 Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-07 Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-08 Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-09 Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-10 Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-11 Hexa by Sait Alanyali Press-12

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