Making of the Noah Laptop Case by Ucon

Noah Case Ucon

For our latest collaboration Ucon teamed up with Rainer Spehl, a furniture, interior and exhibition designer from Berlin. Besides great work for Nike and Stone Island, his portfolio also includes partners like Dior and Gucci. His design bears witness to his strong interest in craftsmanship and its proper execution. The choice of material and the detailing are characteristics of his work which is quite obviously always striving to be of the highest standard.

Type of wood:
The frame of the case is made of solid oak. For the front and back we used veneered oak panel.

The whole inside of the case is lined with genuine cow-leather.

Hinges & Magnets:
They used very small special brass hinges and neodymium magnets with extremely
high adhesive force that does not diminish even after many years

After being finely sanded by hand the case is stained twice, with more fine sanding
in between. At the very end it gets its final protection: two layers of hardwax oil.

Working hours:
It takes 5 hours to built one case. Including finishing the process takes three days.


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