Acciaio Series – Making of a Stool


Acciaio Series is a collection of 3 lightweight chairs, inspired by the classic racing bicycle and the craft of framebuilding.

Steel has been used for over 100 years by the bicycle industry. Because of the need to be as strong and light as possible, the material has evolved to allow elegantly tapered tubes and wall thicknesses as thin as half a millimeter while still being strong enough to support a body. The chairs are constructed from chromoly-steel bicycle tubes, using brazing techniques from framebuilding.

The results are strikingly strong and light. In the series are a stool, dining chair, and lounge chair. The seating surface on all three is a perforated sandwich of leather and aluminum: light, comfortable and slightly flexible.

The Acciaio Chairs are made and designed by Max Lipsey in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. A limited production of hand-made chairs are available for order in a palette of 16 colors. Each color is selected and named after a bicycle maker who inspired the Acciaio project. For more ordering info, or any other questions, feel free to ask the staff or check the website:

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